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The origin of the enterprise originated here

GW were built in 1993  while whole Chinese people suffered so much pain and our country just settled the dispute. MR WEI & MR LU, a young mechanic and an aspiring veteran started to launch their own enterprise and made a con -tribution to the country. A crude and small factory was founded at a small town based on the entire family property sold by both of them.


Hardy and independent people

1995s, founders begun from the basic processing work---steel pipe. In order to reduce the cost, they delivered products by themselves and left the rented vans behind. As a result, they should thumb a ride to return, ev- en if sometimes they wait in the roadside from morning till night in the rural area.


Two men of intelligence and of firmnes-s

Since China joined the WTO in 2002, international business raised up rapidly. Industrial upgrading and english became two impassable barriers for these tough men. Working in the workshop in the daytime, and strove to study English and international business in the dark. It was still a hard time in retros- pect.


Strong sense of social responsibility

In 2008, violent earthquake of WenChuang shocked the world. The Chinese government called on the all manufacturing factories to contribu te to displaced people and resisted disaster together. Owing to the overw helming sense of social obligation, both of our founders decided to sell o ur relief tent with production cost for three months even if we lost mass o f foreign trade orders.


Two men of intelligence and of firmnes-s

As the loss of foreign trade orders of leisure goods, MR WEI & MR LU put their eyes on another industry---pan.

We have our own R&D department, and every year we spend a large proportion of funds to devote ourselves to develop new products and new materials. We are currently equipped with the industry’s most advanced pro- duction equipment, auxiliary equipment and testing instruments. UE is espe- cially important in market, so we are constantly developing new products to meet different customer needs.Our general direction is to make our goods more environmentally friendly and more popular.




GW business purpose

GW business purpose

“Contribute to build a wealthy society by producing COOKWARE AND LEISURE GOODS”. Provide users with satisfied products in hi -gh quality in Europe, China and many other countries.